City Planner

Our Planning Department is unique within the government of the City of Laurel. This department is responsible for guiding and directing the future growth of the City. Planning for growth while maintaining the hometown atmosphere that our citizens enjoy is currently unfilled.

The Planner is responsible for current short-term planning, long-term planning, zoning compliance, and economic development while striving to maintain the City’s beauty and wonderful attributes. Their main goals are to ensure high quality development and protect the property values of Laurel citizens.

Individuals or developers seeking to initiate any type of building or development project should contact the Planning Department at 406-628-4796. You may also view the Laurel Municipal Codes before contacting the Planning Department.

The long-range transportation plan for Laurel has been completed. You may view the full document by clicking on the following link:

Planning Department Fees & Charges 2015


LMC Title 16: Subdivisions

LMC Title 17: Zoning

City/County Planning Board

Riverside Park Master Plan Final Draft

Large Grant Request Application

Laurel Gateway Plan

Laurel Zoning Map

Laurel Urban Renewal Plan

Request For Proposals – Subdivision Regulations

TIF District Map




For information about the Laurel Transit System contact City Hall at 406-628-4796.